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In this project, I focused on data analysis and visualization of the gender wage gap. Specifically, the public jobs in the city of San Francisco and Newport Beach were analyzed. The complete list of requirements and files used can be found my GitHub repository here.

Note: I am not affiliated with any political group, everything I write in this project is based on my perspective of the data alone.

Key Findings

1) There is no gender wage gap for part time employees for both San Francisco and Newport Beach. The curves were nearly identical for both males and females for both kernel density plots.


2) There is an overall gender wage gap for full time employees for both San Francisco and Newport Beach.


3) When broken down by job categories, the gender wage gap is no more than 10% in San Francisco, and not all of these percentage values showed favoritism towards males.


4) There is a higher representation of males in Newport Beach compared to San Francisco for public jobs.


5) Gender representation by job category.